Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Poster | Vignettly
Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Framed Poster | Vignettly
Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Poster | Vignettly
Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Framed Poster | Vignettly
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Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Poster

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Feminist Posters of Marilyn Monroe

About Marilyn and Pop Art

Warhol’s Marilyn silkscreen print exemplified everything that Pop art was, thanks to its explicit reference to Marilyn Monroe, who was an icon of pop culture. Pop art started its movement in London thanks to an independent group of artists that were attracted to advertisements that depicted American mass culture and materialism.
Warhol’s depictions of women and starlets of the time explored the relationships between consumer society, fashion, fame, sensationalism, and death. It is also said that through his distinctive style of work, Warhol referred to a society in which individuals were seen as mere products rather than human beings.
This art print is a feminist take on the iconic work by Warhol but is also a true depiction of Marilyn Monroe’s status as a woman who lived in what was known as a man’s world and dominated it.

About this Poster

This Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Poster was created by visual artist Rasha Hamdan as a tribute to the Mexican painter. The artwork and color scheme was inspired by Andy Warhol’s Iconic Pop Art Poster of Marilyn Monroe. The Poster is available in many sizes and is produced on premium museum-quality and matt finish paper.

The Bright and intense colors for this art print will not fade when exposed to sunlight regularly. Art prints can be hung with double-sided tape, tacks, or framed. Prints are hand-rolled in protective tissue paper and shipped in extra-thick cardboard tubes

Give your interior a makeover with this exclusive Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Poster. Vignettly is dedicated to celebrating inspirational and iconic people and taking back the term Famous to characters that rightfully deserve it.

This exclusive poster is an excellent gift to Marilyn Monroe lovers and fans.

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