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Frida LGBT Poster

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Frida Portrait Poster

About Frida and Gay Rights

Kahlo was bisexual and made no secret of her love for both women and men. Kahlo was associated with African American entertainer Josephine Baker, American painter Georgia O’Keeffee and Mexican singer Chavela Vargas as well as Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi. In a time where having any relationship with the same-sex would have deemed someone’s career over and reputation tarnished, Frida was larger than life and fearless. This LGBT poster is a reminder that love and freedom of choice are timeless, and that all people are equal in love no matter what gender, race, or religion they are.

Kahlo’s gay significance is much greater than her liaisons suggest or even her representations of women. She was a master of cross-dressing, deliberately using male “drag” to project power and independence. A family photograph from 1926 shows her in full male attire.
Clothes were extremely important to Kahlo. Frida used dress to make a nationalist political point, she also used it to make a statement about her own independence from feminine norms.

Frida Kahlo became famous once again after her death in the 1970s feminist movement and she was hailed as an icon of female independence and artistry. She has inspired generations of artists, bisexual women, and LGBT activists and is an icon for gay rights.

Just like her sexuality, Frida defied all labels given to her work. Art critics tried to classify her as a Surrealist painter, a popular buzzword at the time, but she refused this definition, saying: ‘They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.’

About this LGBT Poster

This Frida LGBT Poster was created by visual artist Rasha Hamdan as a tribute to the Mexican painter and activist. The poster is a collage of Frida portrait in Black and White against the LGBT flag in its bright rainbow colors. The Poster is available in many sizes and is produced on premium museum-quality and matt finish paper.

The vibrant and intense colors for this poster will not fade when exposed to sunlight regularly. Art prints can be hung with double-sided tape, tacks, or framed. Prints are hand-rolled in protective tissue paper and shipped in extra-thick cardboard tubes

Give your home a makeover with this exclusive Frida Poster. Vignettly is dedicated to celebrating inspirational and iconic people and taking back the term Famous to characters that rightfully deserve it.

This exclusive LGBT poster is an excellent gift to Frida Kahlo lovers and fans as well as supporters of Gay Rights.

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