Liberty Square Pillow Case - rasha hamdan
Liberty Throw Pillow Cover | The Famous Faces
Liberty Square Pillow Case - rasha hamdan
Liberty Throw Pillow Cover | The Famous Faces
Feminist Throw Pillows

Liberty Throw Pillow Cover

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Feminist Throw Pillows

This women's activist planner pad bears craftsmanship that is a blend of Algerian warrior Djamila Bouhired and the Statue of Liberty.

Djamila Bouhired is an unbelievable Algerian lobbyist, women's activist, and progressive figure. The Algerian champion of the War of National Liberation from France, 1954–1962, is referred to all through the Middle East as "the Arab Joan of Arc.

Bouhired was one of the numerous ladies battling for liberation and uniformity in the recently autonomous Algeria. Be that as it may, monetary destruction and remarkable populace development caused an ascent in Islamic fundamentalism, which combined with new laws taking into consideration a multi-party political framework at last brought about the common war. Equity for ladies was not a need of the administration all through this period in Algerian history. Regardless, Bouhired will perpetually be known for her work for Algerian autonomy, yet additionally for ladies privileges in Algeria and the Middle East.


About this Premium Throw Pillow Cover

Create an atmosphere in every room! These highly practical beautiful indoor pillow cases in various sizes serve as statement pieces, creating a personalized environment.

.: 100% pre-shrunk polyester with Linen feel fabric
.: Double-sided print
.: Concealed zipper
.: Pillow not included

This Feminist Pillow Cover is an excellent housewarming gift, especially for Feminists and Women Empowerment advocates alike.

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